Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Super-easy decluttering for busy people

Are you always too busy for decluttering? The unbeatable solution to that dilemma: simply commit to chucking one item per day. It’s an approach that is simple, super-fast, and won’t disrupt your day.

The One-A-Day-Declutter approach has been part of my daily routine ever since I started out on the minimalism journey back in April 2014. It has helped me reduce my unnecessary possessions – one by one, drastically, and without ever looking back.

The simple approach to achieving a more minimalist household

I’ve found the following decision-making techniques useful when thinking about whether to keep something or throw it out: an object that I decide to keep has to be a) functional, and/or b) beautiful. If it doesn’t fulfil a) and/or b), then out it goes! I also find it helpful to picture my next house move and work out what I would want to take with me and what not.

This may sound weird, but I love the feeling of buzz and excitement when thinking about what next to get rid of! With every item I purge, I feel I am making (at least tiny) progress towards a more minimalist household. The One-A-Day-Declutter approach has transformed my life towards something better.