Friday, 3 April 2020

The Minimalist Translator is on Facebook

My blog finally has its own Facebook page! Unlike numerous translators and interpreters, I only recently jumped on this bandwagon. What’s more, as some of you will have noticed, I’ve recently put in real effort to use Facebook a bit more generally.

Facebook has always been a site popular with translators and interpreters and also with my other friends. So why has it taken so long for me to set up a Facebook page for my blog

Initial reservations about using Facebook

- Many Facebook users report they feel out of control as they’re using Facebook. It makes them feel uneasy, and it makes me feel uneasy, too. This feeling of being out of control is exacerbated whenever I log on after not getting around to logging on for several weeks.

- Research suggests our brains become addicted to the surge of dopamine that kicks in after every “like” that we receive. I feel this is awkward. I also feel it’s awkward that followers, shares and likes can be bought (for very little money) if they’re what you need for whatever business goal you’re trying to accomplish.


More exposure for The Minimalist Translator

Despite these initial reservations, my blog is now on Facebook. I’ve decided a little more exposure can only be a good thing! Although time leftover for social media is as short as ever, I am keen to share my musings about minimalism and translation henceforth a little more widely.

Therefore, if you’re on Facebook and are enjoying this blog, do please like it.

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