Saturday, 28 September 2019

The refreshed minimalist approach to Twitter

These days, I tend to hang around less on Twitter. Ever since Twitter ditched its 140-character limit and allowed 280 characters per tweet, for me it’s lost its early minimalist appeal. Tweets have become too long, and I feel less inclined to open my Twitter app in the evenings.

Absorbing information on Twitter

As someone who processes mentally a lot of information onscreen for work all day, I now find it hard(er) to additionally absorb information which I find on Twitter. Certain tweets are more difficult to find. This is deplorable as Twitter used to be my favourite social network, due to its easily digestible tidbits of information.

Social networking for the busy person with little time

Twitter had always been the perfect channel for the busy person with little time to trawl through the oft-impenetrable thicket of information and discussions that can be found online. In the past, tweets used to be succinct, brief and to the point – they had to be well thought out.

In Twitter’s early days, tweets had to be minimal in terms of the number of characters allowed

Fair enough, since the change was implemented on 7 November 2017, the average tweet length apparently hasn’t changed. It’s even been claimed that there has been more engagement on Twitter overall. However, I suspect I am not the only one who now feels a bit overwhelmed.

Tweeting “minimally”

I am, of course, not immune either to using many words, rather than a few, when I’m allowed to. However, brevity is still the soul of wit! I’ve therefore set myself a new tweeting approach: I will keep tweets short and simple, cut out unnecessary words, and aim to communicate using minimalist language.

In Twitter’s early days, tweets had to be minimal in terms of the number of characters allowed.  But in late 2017, Twitter ditched brevity – previously its most defining feature. In this blog post, I therefore suggest a refreshed minimalist approach to Twitter.

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