Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Book recommendation: "Poison Bay" by Belinda Pollard

If you’re looking for an "unputdownable" novel to read, this is for you: I highly and enthusiastically recommend Belinda Pollard’s eco/wilderness thriller "Poison Bay"! It’s an absolutely brilliant read, packed with action, and "unputdownable" because you’ll find yourself avidly turning the pages from one captivating chapter to the next.

"Poison Bay" is the story of eight friends on a trek into New Zealand’s most brutal wilderness, with a shared secret that catches up with them once they are completely cut off from the outside world. It is full of vivid descriptions of a part of New Zealand’s most remote and stunning landscapes. You can watch the book trailer here:

"Poison Bay" is the debut novel by Belinda Pollard, a writer and award-winning former journalist from Brisbane, Australia. She was inspired to write the book while doing some day hikes on the south island of New Zealand and later became intrigued by the location name "Poison Bay" on a remote corner of the Fiordland map. Find out more on the writing of the book in an interview with her here.

You can follow Belinda Pollard on Twitter where she regularly tweets about good writing, blogging and publishing.

Fiordland, New Zealand
(photos taken by a family member in February 2015)

As a minimalist, I enjoyed reading “Poison Bay” as an e-book, but it is also available in paperback: http://www.belindapollard.com/poison-bay.