Saturday, 27 December 2014

My thoughts on ITI conferences

On 11 December I shared my thoughts on ITI and its conferences in a post that was published on the ITI Conference blog.

This is what I wrote:

I am a Bristol-based full-time translator. I translate patents and contracts from English and occasionally Italian into German. You can follow me on Twitter @EHHtranslation (English) or @EHippeHeisler (German). I also have a blog, which you can find at My most popular blog post to date has been about what, to my mind, are the top 10 misconceptions about translation and the translation profession at

#ITIConf15 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne will be my third ITI conference. I have registered to attend on the Saturday only, and I’m looking to do some sightseeing with others on the Sunday. Since it is quite a distance between Bristol and Newcastle, I hadn’t been sure if I should attend the conference this time. However, I had already skipped the last one in London Gatwick – I admit I didn’t find the venue overly appealing –, so I am now very excited about my forthcoming foray north.

This is going to be my second visit to Newcastle: I had come over from Germany more than a decade ago to visit a good German friend who was doing her year abroad at Newcastle University. At the time, the UK and its culture to me still felt foreign, slightly odd, and extremely different from Germany – a feeling that I know won’t engulf me on my second trip to this part of the country. After all, I’ve been a UK resident for over 10 years myself now, and the UK definitely feels a lot more like home!

Attending ITI events is important to me. I feel privileged to be a member of both our local ITI network in Bristol/Bath (the Western Regional Group) and the wider ITI community. I found starting out as a translator very difficult, and I am grateful to the ITI – also and in particular my mentors on the Peer Support Group in 2007 – for helping me place my business on a proper footing. I have so many wonderful colleagues. However, most of our communication happens online, which is why I believe conferences offer the perfect chance to meet others in real life.

I really enjoy going to ITI conferences and would definitely recommend them to anyone working in our industry. The most rewarding part of them to me personally, I think, is the opportunity to leave the office for a couple of days, so I can catch up with or get to know fellow professionals. My life tends to be very busy, but at conferences I can pause for a while, reflect on what I have achieved so far, and pick up on new trends and challenges.

See you in Newcastle next April?