Saturday, 30 May 2020

Decluttering, digitisation and running: flashback to 25 October 1998

As a minimalist, I love throwing out things which I don’t need anymore. Throwing out things sometimes teaches me lessons, or it makes me realise how much I’ve moved on!

In an effort to further reduce any physical stuff that I have, I’ve started scanning the diaries which I kept for a few years when I was (much) younger. Scanning diary entries (and storing back-ups on hard drives and in the cloud) means I can then dispose of the physical versions.

This entry of 25 October 1998 is among the funniest I’ve found since embarking on my diary digitisation project. It is, in a way, also quite thought-provoking:

Translated into English, it means: I find it irritating that people are staring at me when I’m out jogging, as if they’d never seen a jogger in their life before! I’ve therefore decided that from now on I’ll only go out on runs in the evening, at dusk.

Baffling! Not only had I completely forgotten that I’d already been into running back then, but also it is extraordinary I’d been so irritated by people staring at me that I’d decided to henceforth only go on runs at a time in the day when it was less likely people would see me.

The insight that crystallises from this decluttering find? Clearly, it can only be this one: don’t care about what other people might think of you. It really is that simple.

These days I go running anytime, and even in broad daylight!

I'm grateful to Gary Woodruff, one of our brilliant photographers at Pomphrey Hill parkrun (which, of course, currently is suspended due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis), for taking the amazing running photos in this post.